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Natural 100%

Palacio de Los Olivos is an outstanding 100% Picual and 100% Arbequina olive varieties extra virgin olive oil each of a genuine flavor and a great load of natural healthy nutrients. Produced and packed in our oil mill in Almagro, Ciudad Real, from the olives that we cultivate and harvest with special care and outstanding effort, on our olive grove of 280 hectares (255ha of Picual and 25ha of Arbequina) of unique soil of volcanic origin and under the characteristic climate of the region of La Mancha.

Sabor genuino

Intense green aroma and flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Input of numberless healthy natural nutrients.

Cómo se elabora

Own production in our farm, Los Palacios.


Annual achievement of more than 25 international prestigious awards.

Nuestro Aceite


Available formats: 1,5 liter, 500ml and 250ml dark tan glass bottles, to protect the content from light.

Our labels are made of polypropylene specially chosen to resist the external actions that could damage them.

We only bottle the last harvested and produced EVOO, in order to offer fresh oil and of the highest quality.

Our oil is stored in the cellar throughout the year to preserve all its aroma, flavor and nutritional properties. We bottle under request to guarantee the maximum freshness, using our linear mechanized packaging machine.


We also bottle in 3-liter capacity cans, under the brand Motilla de Los Palacios.

We bottle in the glass bottles the oil that is produced the first few days of the campaign, very green, fresh and aromatic, and we leave for the tins the batches of oil produced at the end of the harvest. Our campaign barely lasts twenty days, so the difference in quality between the earliest and final oils is not wide. We only produce one quality of EVOO, and it is always high.

Brand image consistent with the high quality of the product.

The packaging is consistent with the elegance of our corporate image and the high quality of the product. We manually add on each bottle an explanatory diptych of the awards obtained during the campaign and we also stick a QvExtra quality seal of unique and exclusive numbering per bottle.

The quality of the finished product must be understood as the sum of everyone's effort.

Conservation conditions: Keep in a cool and dry place, protected from light and heat.

Best Before Date: 24 months from packaging, expressed as “month / year”.

Lot: expressed with “1 letter – 6 numbers”.

Application: Ready for direct consumption, raw; and suitable to be cooked and combined with other condiments.

Nutrition Facts: Adapted to European regulations and in each case, to international regulations.

Energy value per 100g: 900 Kcal / 3,700 Kj

Fats: Saturated 13g · Monounsaturated 79g · Polyunsaturated 8g

Does not contain Carbohydrates, Proteins, Sugars, Fiber or Salt (Sodium)

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